The Best Places To Eat In Bocas Del Toro

This is it, you’ve found the ultimate food guide for Bocas. I love to cook, but I love to eat even more. The large expat community here has brought amazing international cuisine to this island. We have an awesome restaurant here at Nomad, but a little variety is always nice. These are the recommendations we make to our guests. There is so much great food in Bocas, but to make this list you need to be one of the best places to eat in Bocas del Toro.

The main island in Bocas Del Toro, Isla Colon, has the most restaurants, so I’ll start there. I’m also going to list in the order of more casual/affordable to more fine dining. Keep in mind, Bocas is a Surf town, so while the food might get real classy you can arrive in board shorts and a cut off shirt to any of these places. No one here is going to expect you to get out of your flip flops and swim attire for anything.

Bocas Town (Isla Colon):


A small coffee shop with the best cold press juices and coffees. They also offer a simple breakfast menu to enjoy with your coffee, but the coffee and juices are what really shine here.

Cafe Del Mar

Right next door to Amaranto is Cafe Del Mar. This cafe also has coffee, but their food is what makes this place great. They offer a casual breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some days I swear I could eat all three meals here.

Tequila Republic

Opening at 2pm this bar serves great drinks, but even better bar food. The food menu is small, but there isn’t one thing on the menu that isn’t delicious. You won’t find a better burger in all of Bocas. Grab a late lunch here, or enjoy the bar atmosphere for dinner.

Falafel Bocas

You can’t go wrong with traditional Israeli falafel, but that’s not all they serve. Open for lunch and dinner you will find fresh and tasty middle-eastern wraps and plates.

Alberto’s Pizza

I think this is the best pizza in Bocas, but some would argue it’s the second best 🙂 It really depends on your personal preference. Regardless, you won’t regret eating a pizza here.


When you’re ready to try contemporary Caribbean barbecue Octo is your place. This restaurant is outdoor seating only, but the garden setting provides the perfect atmosphere. Most say their smoked fish sandwich is the best they’ve had.

Om Cafe

Great Indian food, great atmosphere, great drinks. Om is most known for their dinner, but recently they’ve started serving an equally great brunch menu too. This funky over the water restaurant is on my list of places you shouldn’t miss.

Ultimo Refugio

This over the water dinner spot specializes in upscale international cuisine. This is a date night must for many residents here. If you’re looking for a Filet Mignon or seared tuna, this is your spot.

Azul Restaurant

This is my absolute favorite place in Bocas to eat. Azul is open by reservation only. They offer two seatings a night and serve either a meat or vegetarian tasting menu with 7 Gastronomic tapas style courses for only $20. This is fancy food for an amazing price. They don’t do substitutions, so if you’re a picky eater this isn’t your place. However, if you’re into food, you won’t regret eating here.

Paunch/Bluff Beach (Isla Colon):

Ciao Pizza

Here you will find the best wood fired pizza on the island. They’re only open for dinner and have limited seating. We encourage our guests to get there at 6pm when they open to beat the crowd.


A super unique atmosphere, serving creative and fresh Afro-Caribbean food in the jungle. They have a very small lunch and dinner menu. Their meat is cooked over a large natural charcoal fire.

The Hummingbird

If you’re looking for a higher end dinner on the beach don’t look any further. They have the best filet mignon on the island and I can eat their beer battered onion rings all day long. Plus, if you’re around on a Saturday their Argentinian BBQ will blow your mind.

Isla Carenero:

Leaf Eaters

An over the water vegetarian and vegan restaurant serving breakfast and lunch. They have a variety of smoothies and fresh homemade food. Even a meat eater like me enjoys eating here. They make their own unique daily veggie burger patties and the portabello french dip is amazing.

Isla Bastimentos:

Up In The Hill

This Coffee Shop in the jungle of Bastimentos offers a delicious menu with natural drinks taken from their farm. As well as teas, chocolate beverages, homemade kombucha tea, fruit juices. Come for the juices and atmosphere, but stay for their chocolate snacks and treats. They offer limited food options like brownies, banana cake, egg sandwiches and empanadas.

The Firefly

This cute oceanfront patio restaurant serves asian style tapas inspired by the Caribbean. Their menu can change frequently, but I find their perfectly cooked filet mignon sticks around. By far the best food on Bastimentos. The sunset view and the great food makes this a perfect date night experience if you’re staying on Bastimentos.