La Selva at Nomad Tree Lodge has a pretty magical story behind it. This place was built by Amanda & Asher Kain, and I (Lilly) showed up in 2018 as a WorkAway volunteer. I told Asher that someday I planned to build something like this, and he said “well maybe someday you’ll buy it.” 

Cut to – 2020, pre-pandemic, I returned Home to the jungle because of all the places I had visited in nearly 3 years of full-time travel, there was just something about Bocas that called me home. Then, the world stood still as life as we knew it was cancelled/ paused/ forgotten, and this chain of islands became more Home than ever. 

I came back in 2021 and decided to go for it. Amanda and Asher still live in panama (and run the Bocas Buzz – check them out on insta & online!) and we are here now breathing new life into the beautiful bones offered by Nomad Tree Lodge. 

We plan to fold more & more creativity and yoga and wellness into the space. Offering workshops, hosting artist residencies, partnering with community organizations. 

We are happy to have you along for the ride!

En la selva, we are all family 🙂