We are steps from 2 world class surf breaks … TWO. Tiger Tail is our front yard and Paunch is about a 10 min walk, taking a left at our driveway. 

These are more advanced (aka World Class) breaks, but BEGINNERS can check out Black Rock on Caranero, by taking a cab to town and renting a board at Mono Loco who will send you over on a $2 water taxi where you can hop right in and catch a wave

A taxi to town and a water taxi can get you to any break in bocas you desire. 



Nomad has undergone some changes and under new ownership, we are folding a heavy dose of Yoga & Wellness into our offering. We’ve built a brand new yoga deck – made entirely from teak wood locally sourced from the island – and are creating space for all healing therapies. 

We’ll be offering Daily Yoga Classes and a full schedule of weekly workshops & retreat offerings. 

Follow along on instagram for more about what we will be offering! 


La Selva at Nomad is a place to relax. To unplug, unwind, and reconnect to the simple beauty of nature.

Listen to the waves, watch the monkeys swinging in the trees, take a dip in the pool. 

Our wifi is sketchy and sometimes the power goes out – but that’s the point. We’re not here for the internet, we’re here to enjoy the peace & abundance that the jungle has to offer us. Our guests are excited to disconnect from their fast paced lives and reconnect to the rhythms of nature here at La Selva.