Bocas Del Toro, Panama

The Experience

Take a look at the landscape of travel and you’ll notice things are changing, and rapidly. Travelers are looking for alternatives to overpriced hotels as well as opportunities to truly immerse themselves in the places they visit. We were looking for a way to escape the norms of our everyday adult life. What better way than to move into the trees and live out our days with the pirates of the Caribbean? Our lodge is our home and we’re opening our doors to people who want to experience Bocas Del Toro the same way. 

Bocas Del Toro offers an endless summer climate and Nomad Tree Lodge brings the summer camp for adults vibe. We’re talking BBQ’s around our huge fire pit, after dinner karaoke parties, board games, pool parties, movie nights and group outings.

Nomad Isn’t For Everyone!

Off-grid terrain and climbing 60 stairs to your cabin high in the RAINforest jungle canopy isn’t for everyone. Water conservation and eco conscious traveling isn’t for everyone. Having the island’s best reef break within walking distance isn’t for everyone.

Nomad is for anyone looking to escape the 4 walls of a hotel room and experience something truly unique. Nomad Tree Lodge is for the wanderers, the seekers; is it for you?

Our Conscience

Nomad Tree Lodge is an affordable, down-to-earth alternative to overpriced resorts where people can experience cool style and design in raw paradise. You can feel the ocean breeze and hear the waves crash while enjoying howler monkeys, sloths, toucans, and many more wild and crazy birds among our trees.

The lodge is built on 2.5 acres of land complete with rope bridges, a restaurant, bar, and pool. We strategically placed EVERY unit including the restaurant and pool to fit between the trees; we even shifted the placement of cabins and walkways rather than cutting a tree, so only unhealthy or dead trees were cleared. This makes for some un-aligned or off-set placements, but we feel it’s more important to not alter the jungle landscape just to get a straight line.

We are doing more than just building in alignment with the jungle. We also recognize that tourism has major impacts on the environment. We compost as much waste as possible. Our water supply is 100% rain-collected. We have enough water and power for our guests, but please be responsible with your consumption. To help our guests be as eco-conscious as we are, we’ve installed A-Grade efficient ceiling fans and appliances, low-watt LED lights, low flush toilets, a gray water system, timed shower valves, and low-flow shower heads to reduce water and energy consumption.

Our Home

Nomad is our home too and not a chain hotel. We our dedicated to making you feel at home in the jungle and providing a unique and unforgettable experience. If you’re looking for a daily housekeeping service, guilt free water waste or just a place to sleep and store your 6 large rolling suitcases we highly suggest looking for a regular hotel 🙂

Our home is shared with 3 dogs that know if you’re a cat person… Luckily they are forgiving creatures, so they will let it slide, but please don’t stay with us if you’re afraid/don’t like dogs. We want you to have the best vacation and experience possible, so why stay someplace that is guaranteed to make you too nervous to enjoy yourself?

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Location: Tiger Tail Beach, Bocas Del Toro
Phone: +507 6956 9939

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★★★★★ — Amazing amazing amazing!!! Such a clean adorable cool place. We had a monkey hanging out right above our cute little A frame cabin right when we got there. We had the pool all to ourselves mid day it was so great. We had dinner there and got the Asian noodle dish and the brisket and both were AMAZING. We chatted with Amanda for a while while she made us some amazing mango margaritas – she’s super cool and friendly! Would recommend this place to anyone!

Kat — January 2020

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